Have you ever wondered how you would fair as boxing promoter?

How you would do picking and signing fighters, managing a budget, even trading fighters?

What about projecting future success of prospect?

What about predicting which guys are the next big thing?

In this Knockout Club Fantasy League, you will do all of these things.

Here’s how it works

You are a promoter. You will fill out your roster. You will have other promoters out there looking to take those same fighters. We’ll start with 11 roster spots. Every fighter in the world is available to be signed.

We’ll have an auction where every promoter in the league gets a chance to bid on every fighter.

You’ll start with a salary cap depending on the tier you buy into. For the duration of the season, every fight your fighters fight in will grant you points.

The winner at the end of the season receives a percentage of the league buy in in $KO Coins.


You select players for your team within a predefined budget. You use $KO’s to buy into each team tier and are allocated a budget based on that. Each fighter gets a fictional value, where the top performers are valued the highest. The budget and values are accompanied by constraints such as a fixed number of fighters and a minimum number of MMA and boxing fighters.

Earning Points

  • Winning rounds - each time a fighters wins a round you receive points
  • Number of rounds - Inverse points to rounds, longer fights fewer points
  • Punches landed, 200, 300, 400
  • Method of victory - KO, TKO, vote
  • Early KO - First 3 rounds
  • TKO
  • Early Tap out - First round

All points are added up and at the end of the season the team with the most points wins.

Team Makeup

Every team is made up of 11 fighters and must have at least

  • One MMA
  • One Boxer
  • One male fighter
  • One female fighter