The Knockout Club


Imagine being able to train with some of the best boxing and MMA, male and female fighters in the world, and then test your training in the metaverse versus other fighters around the world. Imagine being a virtual promoter and being able to test your promotion skills against others through a fighting fantasy sports league. Being able to bridge the metaverse fighting and real world events to win $KO Coins. That is the core of the Knockout Club. Part ultra-fan club, part play-to-earn game, part savage art collection, the Knockout Club isn't just 10,000 incredibly rendered NFTs, but an entire professionally built and evolving ecosystem you can take part in, revolving around a state of the art Participate-to-Earn experiences. Just like real life you can train, study, and recruit fighters, then when ready enter tournaments fighting NPCs and other players, and earn reward $KO Coins! Eventually even qualify for your own sponsorship opportunities and even bet on fights. (regulatory environment contingent).

The Knockout Club is striving to be the most blue chip and transparent project in the metaverse. The founding team both on the fighting and business side is fully doxxed, with years of technology, business building, and fighting experience. We have gotten together to create the funnest, and most rewarding fighting community and games possible, and to push the limits of the web3 concepts of community, rewards, and ownership.

The NFT and Art

Some of the most savage fighter NFT art available in the world. With each one unique and inspired with hand drawn elements from Dino Tomic, one of the most talented artists in the world. Each piece is a work of art inspired by fighting and real fighters, and each collection will have totally unique inspirations and details. Knockout Club is committed to each NFT in each collection being unique in appearance and utility!

The Game

In development, the game is both deceptively simple and highly complex. At its core it seems simple, throw punches, block punches, hit and get hit, score a knockout and get rewards. On one hand we add in all the typical game elements, you can spend experience on getting tougher or hitting harder, you can use $KO Coins to buy better gear, but also you can spend $KO Coins on special training with REAL PROFESSIONAL FIGHTERS and trainers and learn to fight for real, and really develop the skills need to KO someone! You can use these skills along with new gear and experience to dominate tournaments!

The Leagues

First of its kind blended fantasy fighting league, promoters can pull teams together from Boxing, MMA, UFC, AND the KO metaverse. Promoters buy into the league with $KO Coins, ‘recruit’ and build their teams with a salary cap, choose real world brands and partners as sponsors to increase salary caps, then like a traditional fantasy game acquire points and ranks based on how the team does. The winners are paid out in $KO coins and with special prizes given by sponsors.


$KO Coins are created to supercharge the Knockout Club ecosystem and reward players. The token is an utility based token with multiple natural uses, from special training with our Champions, to new gear, eventually spending them on real world events, merchandise, memorabilia, and powering the roadmap.

At first, the Knockout Club NFTs will be able to be staked or “go to training camp” while staked they will harvest $KO coins to be able to be spent on power ups and gear. This will be the starting way that coins are available to players.

As the ecosystem develops, we envision Knockout Club events to be streamed and expect plenty of interest from brands and sponsors that both already participate in the fighting space and new brands interested in reaching metaverse fighting players. These brands will have the opportunity to buy $KO coins and offer them as prizes and sponsorships directly to players!

Envisioned $KO Coin Uses

  1. Training Sessions - Train in the Knockout Club metaverse training center with our team, some of the greatest fighting champions and trainers in the world. Utilizing video and streaming you can practice your Knockout skills.
  2. League Buy In - Allows players who don’t want to fight to build fighter teams in a fantasy sports style game
  3. Gear and Upgrades - Invest in your tournament gear like a real champion and power up your strength, toughness and other characteristics to increase your ability to dominate in the ring!
  4. Future NFT drops - Future drops will be able to be minted using $KO Coins, some exclusively in $KO
  5. Events - Both virtual and real world events will be available, as well as ringside seating at fights, and after fight parties. All tickets available with $KO coins.
  6. Trade - Of course the $KO Coins will be listed on Uniswap and other exchanges for ease of ownership and liquidity.

More uses for the $KO coin are on the way, the sky's the limit.

Road Map

  1. Phase 1 - Our focus in the beginning is to attract early adopters to KnockOut Club and release our NFT collection. Upon releasing of our NFT collection, NFT staking will be made available for holders to harvest our in-game $KO tokens while the KO Metaverse is in development. During this time the team will be bringing in more fighter trainers and working with partners to expand the ecosystem.
  2. Phase 2 - Release beta access to KO Metaverse for our NFT holders and attend their first series of fighting lessons. At the same time, $KO token will be listed on Uniswap along with the release of our in depth tokenomic and usage of the tokens. An honorary NFT collection will also be released as our “Hall Of Fame” for fighting champions.
  3. Phase 3 - Real world items and merchandise will be available to our NFT holders. These items include but are not limited to: ring-side tickets, limited edition merchandise, invitation to after parties and more.
  4. Phase 4 - Knockout Club has a natural extension into the brand and sponsor world, already hundreds of brands sponsor boxing and MMA and want to learn how to get into the metaverse and attract new fans there. Through our real world networks, we’ll be attracting sponsorships and brands into our KO Metaverse and sponsor our players within our ecosystem.
  5. Phase 5+ - Our vision is to go beyond fighting. We are in the lookout to integrate with other projects and provoke partnerships to expand our KO Metaverse to the Fitness and MMA space.

Obviously this roadmap is in a constant state of fine tuning. We could easily see brands want to partner sooner, or MMA gyms wanting to offer specials, or merchandise. Don’t hold us to this list, and if you have ideas let us know in our Discord. Stay connected and stay tuned.